Bay Environmental Technology (Beijing) Corp, which is specialized in VOCs treatment, vapor recovery system, PM2.5 treatment and low-nitrogen combustion, devotes us in providing complete environmental protection schemes to petrochemical industries and industrial enterprises. The service object includes VOCs treatment in refinery plants, wharf, gas stations, oil depots and process boiler. Furthermore, Bayeco is also honored “the first state environmental protection engineering center for VOC control in petrochemical industries”. 

The management team of Bayeco consists of Chinese elites with strong education background aboard. The academic committees are made up by outstanding scholars, lawyers, and engineers, including several academicians from CAE and NAE. In addition, Bayeco, which is the new high-tech enterprise, owns over 30 patents as well as 100 mu research & development bases. 

Bayeco, which successfully provided complete environmental protection schemes to Olympic Games, World Expo and the Asian Games, is accepted by Sinopec, Petro China, CNOOC, Sinochem and so on. In this way, it reduces vapors, VOCs and PM2.5 so that people in China breathe clearer air. Until 2014, Bayeco has 300+ VOC control systems in use, and is honored the advanced VOC treatment company by the Forbes magazine. 



2011 Forbes-"Top 100 SMEs"
2012 Forbes-"Top 100 SMEs"
2014 Forbes-"Top 100 SMEs
2015 Forbes-"Top 100 SMEs
2012 Deloitte-Top 50 Hi-tech & Hi-growth Companies.
2013 Deloitte-China Clean Tech Top 20--No。1
 2014 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

A leading Clean Tech company focusing on industry air pollution control and PM2.5 reduction.

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Industrial VOCs Control
NOx Control
CFB Boiler Energy Transformation
Marine Terminal Oil Vapor Recovery
Oil Depot Vapor Recovery
Gas Station Vapor Recovery and Equipment

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