Bayeco held meeting with the Vice President of Kunshan Duke University
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          On 26th Jan 2018, Mrs. Wendy w. Kuran, the vice President of Kunshan Duke University (co-founded by Duke University and Wuhan University), and Dr. Zhang Junjie, director of the center for environmental research at Duke University, master of environmental policy program director visit BAYECO, and meet with Mr. Wei Wei, chairman of BAYECO, and Mr.Wang Qi, chief technology officer.
          In the meeting, both parties discussed how to promote the development of environmental protection technology and the cultivation of high-quality technical personnel. Mr. WeiWei said the BAYECO as the pioneer of China's environmental protection company, is willing to collaborate with Kunshan Duke University, share experience, to cultivate the next generation of environmental protection professionals.
          In June 2016, the Bay Environmental Technology (Beijing) Corp. established a scholarship at Kunshan Duke University to support the master of environmental policy management program.


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