Bayeco-USC Team Selected by US and Chinese Government to Join US-China EcoPartnerships program
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Bayeco-USC Team Selected by US and Chinese Government

to Join US-China EcoPartnerships program

June 6, 2016, Beijing, China: Bay Environmental Technology Corp (Bayeco) and University of Southern California (USC)  have been selected by the US Department of State and the Chinese Government for membership in the US-China EcoPartnerships program.


The official signing ceremony was held during the 8th US-China Strategy and Economy Dialogue (SED). U.S. President Obama’s Special Representative, U.S. State Secretary John Kerry and Chinese Chairman Xi’s Special Representative, Chinese State Councilor Jiechi Yang witnessed the signing ceremony. 

Several other high level US and Chinese Government officials also attended the signing ceremony, including Chinese Climate Change Special Representative Zhenhua Xie, Chinese Ambassador to U.S. Tiankai Cui, US Ambassador to China Max Baucus, and U.S State Under Secretary Catherine Novelli etc.

Established under the U。S。-China Ten Year Framework on Energy and Environment Cooperation (TYF), The US-China EcoPartnerships program is the formal collaboration between U。S。 and Chinese stakeholders who work on clean energy, environment, climate change, and sustainable development。 The Bayeco-USC partnership will focus on develop and industrialize key technologies of air pollution control especially for PM2。5, VOCs and NOx control, and other green environmental technologies。

“Climate Change and Clean Air are the top priority areas which U.S. and China could collaborate and benefit each other. Given the strong endorsement from U.S. and Chinese Government, we believe the EcoPartnerships program will greatly help us to develop and commercialized more green technologies. Bayeco-USC team will also initiated a “China-US Cleantech Innovation Alliance, which aims to create a global platform to cultivate clean technology innovation.” Said Bayeco Chairman and CEO Wei Wei.

2.jpg“I am very pleased that the US Department of State and the Chinese Government have selected the USC-Bayeco team as one of six in the US – China EcoPartnership this year. USC Viterbi technology and Bayeco know-how will help address and combat important air pollution challenges in China and in the world in general. We are looking forward to this exciting task ahead for the benefit of millions of people.”  said USC Viterbi School of Engineeering Dean Yannis C. Yortsos.

USC –Bayeco anticipates that new technology and devices developed through this collaboration will be deployed in coal-fired energy devices, petroleum refineries, petrochemical factories, car painting and surface coating shops, and others。 USC-Bayeco estimates that more than 1 million tons of PM2。5, VOCs (Volatile Organic Carbon) and NOx emissions per year could be reduced by the technology developed。




Bay Environmental Technology (Beijing) Corp. (Bayeco) is a leading cleantech company in China, and it has been awarded as “2015 Global Cleantech 100”. Bayeco is dedicated to provide the customer turn-key air pollution control solution especially for PM2.5, VOCs, and NOx emission reduction. It is the host entity of “National Engineering Laboratory for VOCs control technologies and equipment”. Bayeco is also the only “National Technology Center for VOCs control in petrochemical industry” which is directly administrated by China Ministry of Environmental Protection. Bayeco consists of a group of international talented and experienced technology and management team. Bayeco had provided excellent emission control solutions for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, and 2014 APEC in Beijing. Bayeco is well recognized by China and US government, International partners, worldwide famous accounting firms and media. Forbes magazine has listed Bayeco in “China Top 100 SMEs” in four consecutive years. Bayeco was also awarded as the first place of the “2013 China Cleantech Top 20” by Deloitte, and “2014 China Most Potential Company” by Ernst & Young and Fudan University.


About USC Viterbi School of Engineering:

Engineering Studies began at the University of Southern California in 1905。 Nearly a century later, in 2004, the Viterbi School of Engineering received a naming gift from alumnus Andrew J。 Viterbi, inventor of the Viterbi algorithm, now the key to cell phone technology and numerous data applications。 The school’s guiding principles is Engineering +, a coined termed by current dean Yannis C。 Yortsos, to use the power of engineering to address the world’s greatest challenges。 USC Viterbi is ranked among the top engineering programs in the world and enrolls more than 6,500 undergraduate and graduate students taught by 185 tenured and tenure-track faculty, with 73 endowed chairs and professorships。

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