Bayeco establish strategic cooperative partnership with John Zink.
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Mr Weiwei, CEO of Bay Environmental Technology Corp.(Bayeco), and Mr Wangqi, CTO of Bayeco visited the headquarter of John Zink in the USA in 27th January 2016. They deeply discussed joint-research, industrial cooperation, marketing development between Bayeco and John Zink with Mr Casey, CEO of John Zink, and other two vice presidents of John Zink.  Mr Weiwei and Mr Wangqi also visited the 30000 ㎡ production base of John Zink and their low Nox combustion research center which is the biggest one in the world. 

Both parties agreed with to establish strategic cooperative partnership。 Their cooperative area includes industrial and civil low Nox combustion, vapor recovery , industrial VOCs controlling, etc。 

John Zink is the wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries which is the biggest private enterprise in the USA, and the annual sales of Koch Industries is '50 billion。 John Zink is the biggest low Nox combustion and VOCs controlling company in the world, which occupies the 80% of the global market share。  

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